Men’s Style: How and When to Roll-Up the Shirt Sleeves

Jean Long Sleeve Shirt Men - Casual Business Men Outfit

Jean Long Sleeve Shirt Men – Casual Business Men Outfit

Jean long sleeve shirt men will great for both formal and casual occasion. But actually there are certain rules and occasion to let the sleeves on or rolled up. Well, if you rolled up your sleeves it will give impression of social gesture and probably it is just a practical need. So, no matter it is shirt like dress, work shirt, or just long sleeves t-shirt, you cannot just make it rolled up or let it on. Even though in some cases you will roll your sleeve since it is easy and practical. Well, in this article we will give you some enlightens about how and when you should roll up the sleeves. Check this out.

Basic sleeve fold

Jean Long Sleeve Shirt Men - Basic Fold Cuff Denim

Jean Long Sleeve Shirt Men – Basic Fold Cuff Denim

It can be touted as the easiest and most intuitive way to fold the outfit of jean long sleeve shirt men. Most people also do this fold naturally like a kid to the fold for the first time. Some people will find this as the hardest fold style to be undone and also it gives the worst value for the look. But it is the impression of a working man.

Master sleeve roll

This folding style is like the regular fold but you show the end of the cuff. It gives the impression of casual look. Besides casual, this style will give the stylish impression of a man. You can also wear a shirt with contrast color on the cuff because it will give interesting result when the roll is done.

The AIFA roll

This is also the other casual rolls which are easy and giving casual impression very well. It is like when you are finishing work and need to grab a beer. It looks more stylish than the basic sleeve roll and it also gives neater look on the roll. This style is using the cuff as the measure of the roll. Of course it will be depended on the cuff’s size. So if you have too big cuff then probably the roll will be impractical for sure. It looks really well if you stop the roll before the elbow.

The devil dog fold

Well, this folding style will give a very professional and crisp look. This kind of folding style is also suitable for you to go to work. It is like the sleeve of marine with Marine Corps Change of Commands setting. Besides it is very neat and clean, this style will also not show the button while or also cuff on it. The fold will hide the corner as well.
The folding style will be different if you have thin arms, since the fold is sometimes showing the muscle of your body. For you who have thin arms, it is better to think more on the strived and proportion for balance purpose. Thinner sleeves and smaller cuffs are highly recommended. Other than that, the fold will be better to leave before the elbow. And if it is possible, you should make the fold tighter so the thin man can enjoy the jean long sleeve shirt men.

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